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How to Promote Your Forum

Many of our members ask how to promote their phpBB forum. So i decided to give some guidelines that will help forum owners to promote their forums.

Tell Your Friends

Tell your friends about your forum. You can send them mail asking them to visit, but don't send spam, spam is illegal and any site or forum that send spam mails are not allowed on web.

Other Forums

If you post in other forums, most forum allow you to have your forum or web site address in signature. So put your forum url in signature.

Search Engines

Now most of the search engines will index your forum after they find your forum url. If you post in other forums that are indexed by search engine, they will find your forum url and index your forum. This may take some time.

Do not use Short Url Service

Short url service redirect users to your forum or load forum in frame. This will create many problems like cookie and also search engines do not index pages loaded inside frame. So avoid them, always use your bizhat.com url.